You Can't Call It Froley.

The Heist.

The brilliant minds behind my favourite ever documentary The Cove are coming back with a new documentary about extinction. They’re keeping very quiet about it, but have released this:

"The team that infiltrated The Cove is back—with some new faces—to hatch a plan even bigger and bolder than the last,” the campaign reads. “We’re bringing the sights and sounds of species on the brink of extinction to the front of the world stage, in an event that will forever change what it means to take action for the planet. Departing from the confines of a traditional documentary, the film will capture the drastic measures necessary for initiating cultural change while inspiring millions of viewers to join our mission.”

I have no clue what will happen in it but I am already convinced it will be brilliant.

And if you haven’t seen The Cove yet, do.

To describe it in five words: Harrowing, brutal, inspiring, optimistic and amazing.

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